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    5 Gold RingsThe Netherlands, 20185 Gold Rings, a TALPA production.Lighting design by Bas de Vries,http://light-h-art.nlhttp://www.basdevries.euScreen & Sound FestKraków, Poland 2017Capture was used for the design, documentation and visualization of the show. The set design and models were imported from SketchUp.Lighting design and programming by Michał Bystrzycki,http://www.multiscena.comGary NumanLondon, United Kingdom 2016at the Forum London.Lighting design by Luke Edwards, Cue Desig

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    Console connectivityHow to connect a lighting consoleCapture supports a number of different network protocols and methods of communication lighting consoles all of which are listed in the reference manual. If you are unsure of which to use and if your console supports it, we recommend BSR E1.31 also known as "streaming ACN" or "sACN".You may also findthis YouTube playlistof video on how to connect with specific online softwares useful.grandMA connectivityCapture supports MA-N

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    Lighting design softwareSave time with a lighting design, documentation and visualisation software that is both easy to learn and rewarding to use!Capture is a native macOS andWindowsapplication that lets you work with the lighting, video, laser, moving scenery and water elements of a show.Where Capture truly excels is at its ease of use and ability to seamlessly allow switching between design, documentation and visualization oriented tasks. This provides an unprecedented level of flexibility an

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    The Capture ComponentExtend the functionality of your lighting application with our Capture Component software component. The Capture Component comes shipped with Capture's rich fixture and truss library but also allows you to inject custom geometry with your textures and video content. The rich feature set of the Capture Component makes it possible to enhance an application in many different ways. Some examples are:Take two-dimensional “fixture layout” views to the next level with three d

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    Capture 2018 for Windows 64-bit and macOSThis download serves as both thedemoandfullversion (when a license is installed). When used as ademothe save function is disabled and each session is limited to 90 minutes.For information about fixes and changes in individual versions consult theRevision History. For manuals and tutorials consult theDocumentationpage.Important- Please visit ourdedicated page for the new rendering engineof Capture 2018 for information about known issues and features yet to

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    Purchase CaptureIn our web shop From the China reseller- Beijing Artesian Engineering Co.,Ltd.Please contact: Rambo Rung 13601353830 Candy Zhang:13701298620Licensing, update and upgrade policiesLicense conditionsCapture licenses are personal and grant the owner the right to use an edition of a product on two of this person's computers.Capture licenses are valid on both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.Capture licenses are delivered in the form of digital license key files.

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    Computer requirementsMinimum requirementsCapture requires the minimum Windows or macOS versions stated on theDownload pageand a computer that fulfills the minimum requirements of these operating systems.In addition to this functional OpenGL drivers are required as well.However, bear in mind that visualization software is very demanding on the video card. As a good referenced point for the capabilities of your hardware you may findPassMask Software's video card benchmark pages for high end GP

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    Prices & purchasingLicense costsAn overview of our products and license prices is available on ourProducts pageand on ourUpgrading page.DiscountsDiscounts may be available through (and only through) our resellers, which you can find listed on ourResellers page.Special prices for studentsNo - we do not offer any student discounts, instead we offer a free version of Capture called the Student Edition. There is however a special offer available for educational institutions.License key files &am


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