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Frequently Asked Questions

Computer requirements

Minimum requirements
Capture requires the minimum Windows or macOS versions stated on the Download page and a computer that fulfills the minimum requirements of these operating systems. In addition to this functional OpenGL drivers are required as well.

However, bear in mind that visualization software is very demanding on the video card. As a good referenced point for the capabilities of your hardware you may find PassMask Software's video card benchmark pages for high end GPU's useful. A PassMark G3D mark of 2000 or more could be considered a general minimum performance requirement for Capture, but in practice the actual requirements will vary a lot depending on how you use Capture.

Video card issues and startup issues
If you are running Capture on macOS then your drivers are part of the operating system and we recommend that you always update macOS to the highest version officially supported by Capture. Observe that the use of any third party drivers such as NVidias "web drivers" is not supported.

If you are running Capture on Windows, the first thing to do is to make sure that you have the latest drivers for your video card. We recommend downloading the latest drivers from the manufacturer of your video card, ie. NVidia, AMD or Intel. If your problem persists, you may need to consider an upgrade of yoru video card. If so, then please read the section on minimum requirements. If you are runnin Capture on a laptop, be ware that it may have multiple video cards and we always recommend having the latest drivers for all of them, even if you believe you are only using one of them.



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