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Licensing, update and upgrade policies

License conditions

  • Capture licenses are personal and grant the owner the right to use an edition of a product on two of this person's computers.
  • Capture licenses are valid on both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.
  • Capture licenses are delivered in the form of digital license key files. These should be treated as valuables.
  • Capture license ownership can be transferred to another person by request from the currently registered owner only.

Update policies

  • Capture license owners are entitled to free updates (bug fixes and minor enhancements of existing features) of the product licensed and during its lifetime.
  • Capture license owners are entitled to free technical support and free library support until 5 years after the end of the lifetime of the product licensed - given that sufficient documentation is available for the library item(s) requested and that the product licensed is capable of supporting it.
  • Capture license owners' unlock requests (for installations on new computers) will be processed indefinitely.

Upgrade policies

  • It is our ambition to release a new Capture product every year.
  • Upon the release of a new product, Capture license owners will be offered to purchase an upgrade to the same edition of the new product. The targetted upgrade price is 10% to 25% of a new license of the product edition being upgraded.
  • If the product editions offered change upon a new product release, Capture license owners will be offered upgrades to the nearest matching new product edition(s).
  • Upgrading to a new product will be offered at the same price regardless of the previously owned product, until 5 years after the end of the lifetime of the product licensed.
  • Upgrades from any edition to a higher edition (of the same product) will always be available throughout the product's lifetime and at the price difference of the editions in question.



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