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About the product-Capture 2018

Lighting design software

Save time with a lighting design, documentation and visualisation software that is both easy to learn and rewarding to use!

Capture is a native macOS and Windows application that lets you work with the lighting, video, laser, moving scenery and water elements of a show.

Where Capture truly excels is at its ease of use and ability to seamlessly allow switching between design, documentation and visualization oriented tasks. This provides an unprecedented level of flexibility and ability to support any type of design process and also encourages trying out new workflows.

Design with Capture


Capture lets you work with all the visual aspects of a show. It comes with a rich toolset for stage and architectural lighting, multimedia technology and laser as well as water based visual effects.

All designs rely on a scene to light and Capture provides a flexible set of scenic design tools, including the ability to import models from other design software that is more geared towards 3D modelling.

Use the built-in customizable library forms such as the box, cylinder or proscenium stage to quickly create a three-dimensional representation of your room. Mix and match dimensions specifications using the Metric and Imperial systems as required.

Import models from AutoCAD, Blender, Cinema 4D, SketchUp, VectorWorks and other modelling software using the DXF/DWG (up to version 2013), C4D, SKP (up to version 2016), OBJ and 3DS file formats. Apart from individual objects, Capture also imports layers, groups, block information and materials. Export models to other softwares using the DXF and DWG file formats.

The rich library, in part provided by AtlaBase, features a wide array of industry specific design elements such as trussing, lighting and media fixtures, filters, gobos and LED panels among other things. Capture understands how filters, gobos, barn doors, donuts and other accessories interactive with fixtures - you can even assemble yokes and scrollers with fixtures.

Use Capture's rich toolset of functions to move, rotate, clone, align, arrange, redistribute and group objects during the design. Special care has been taken to ensure correct snapping of lighting equipment such as trusses and fixtures.

Layers are available to categorize and control the visibility of various elements and scenes can be used to control the change of visibilty and placement of scenery through a show.

The specialized fixtures tab provides a spreadsheet-like view of all lighting, motion and water effect fixtures in the design, speeding up several design tasks such as data entry, fixture location and mass modifications.

Capture project files are fully self-contained and exchangeable without data loss between the macOS and Windows versions.

Documenting with Capture


Any design created in Capture is only a few clicks away from transforming into first-class paperwork. Common design elements' appearance has been carefully optimized optimal readability on paper.

A wide range of fine-tuning and configuration options ensure that the relevant information can be conveyed but also that you can personalize your paperwork to give it an individual touch.

Draw two dimensional plots from scratch or start from an existing three dimensional design. Make plot adjustments to the placement and rotation of any design element to clear up crowded areas of a plot without affecting the three dimensional design.

Fixture and truss rendering has been designed to maximize readbility; outline rendered trusses reduce the visual clutter and USITT RP-2 style plot symbols with freely movable annotations stand out.

Design and lay out individual plots on the paper size and orientations required, with insets such as headerssymbol and layer keys

Change text dimensions and apply detailed information filters with plot styles to create the look you need for your plots. Filter out large groups of object using layer sets, a named layer visibility state.

The automatically generated equipmentfixture and frame list reports can easily be customized for your needs. Complement the documentation with generated focus sheets, providing a focusing view through the aperture of each fixture.

Export detailed fixture information to CSV text files for post processing in any spreadsheet software. A special option to optimize the CSV for LightWright is also available.

Visualizing with Capture


Capture allows you to easily connect to a large number of lighting, media and motion control systems available on the market in order to visualize your show in it's entirety, in real-time.

You can present your designs using still renders, video file renders as well as through Capture's unique presentation file exports which deliver a fully interactive presentation of your design.

Capture supports the ethernet-based DMX protocols Art-Net, sACN, CITP/SDMX, Compulite VC and ETC Net 2 as well as the EntTec DMX USB Pro devices for physical DMX input. On Windows, High End Hog 3/4 and MA Net 1/2 (version 2.9 or higher) is available as well.

Advanced console link functionality can be used with CITP/FPTC and CITP/CAEX compatible lighting consoles as well as Hog3/4 systems (on Windows), providing features like patch exchange, fixture selection, focus feedback and remove triggering.

Play back video files on your computer as part of materials mapped to the scenery as well as with video projectors. Video files are added to playlists for easy content switching, optionally remote controlled through DMX.

Stream video from media servers that support CITP/MSEX (in both low and high resolution) or from Green Hippo media servers using HMap 3.

Stream live laser content from any laser controller that supports CITP/CAEX and from LaserAnimation or Pangolin systems using their proprietary protocols.

Simulate moving scenery setups, including both motion and rotation, using any DMX source. In addition, live 3D positioning information can be received from the Kinesys K2 motion control solution and mapped to any part of the scenery.

Use DMX to remote control cameras during programming for easy view changes or when preparing presentations to jump between camera positions and create fly-bys.

Produce photo realistic renders in a wide range of resolutions from any live view, with the information and branding of your choice.

Record the live DMX, video/laser media state and camera position at any point into a (still) or movie movie snapshot for easy playback at a later point when disconnected. Use recorded movie snapshots to render high quality videos of your design.

Export presentations of your design with full interactivity, live visualization capabilities and snapshot playback for standalone execution on any computer of the same kind (macOS or Windows).



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