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Console connectivity


How to connect a lighting console
Capture supports a number of different network protocols and methods of communication lighting consoles all of which are listed in the reference manual. If you are unsure of which to use and if your console supports it, we recommend BSR E1.31 also known as "streaming ACN" or "sACN".

You may also find this YouTube playlist of video on how to connect with specific online softwares useful.

grandMA connectivity
Capture supports MA-Net using a driver provided to us by MA Lighting. The driver supplied to us is only available for Windows and supports receiving the same amount of DMX universes otherwise output by your connected MA Lighting hardware (through DMX ports or other network protocols like Art-Net). Therefore you cannot receive DMX from grandMA2 onPC unless you have MA hardware connected.

Some competing lighting design and visualization softwares on the market support receiving DMX as well as DMX feedback ("autofocus") over MA-Net without the need for MA Lighting hardware. This is possible for historical reasons as they were provided with other drivers than us prior to an MA Lighting policy change. For further information and/or clarifications on this matter, please contact MA Lighting.

Network configuration
In order to connect your console with Capture you many need to configure the network settings of both the console and your computer. If you are in an office environment and the network configuration of your computer has got DHCP enabled, we recommend that you do the same with your lighting console. If not, or if you are simply running you computer and console together with a network cable and/or switch, you will need to set up static IP addresses and network masks. Here are three examples you could use:

ComputerLighting consoleComment 
IP Address:
Network Mask:
IP Address:
Network Mask:
Art-Net compliant
 IP Address:
Network Mask:
IP Address:
Network Mask:

 IP Address:
Network Mask:
IP Address:
Network Mask:
Common at home

If you have multiple network connections (such as more than one ethernet cable or cable + WiFi), you may need to pay special attention to the options available inside Capture's under the Tools.. menu where you can choose which network card to use for each protocol supported.We recommend that you always also refer to the documentation of your lighting console. Capture will always comply with the network configuration of your computer, but your lighting console may have specific requirements and/or restrictions.

Library related questions

How to report errors
First, make sure that you have the latest library from our download page. Should the error still persist, send an e-mail to library@capturesweden.com describing its nature. If the error is related ot a fixture, please try to verify that your controller is sending the appropriate DMX values required to achieve the desired result prior to contacting us.

When you're missing something
If you are missing anything from our library, please e-mail library@capturesweden.com and we will help you out.

Contacting us

By e-mail
If you have not found the answers you were looking for on our web site you can always reach us by e-mail to support@capturesweden.com.



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